Neapolitan and Classic Italian Style Pizza Combo Course


Neapolitan Pizza

Take a course in the authentic style of Neapolitan pizza. The theory portion of the course will be taught according to the guidelines and work book of the Scuola Italiana Pizzaioli. Students will learn the authentic way of making Neapolitan dough and the use of specific Neapolitan DOP ingredients. Imported Neapolitan Cirigliano ovens and mixers will be used throughout the course. Wood burning oven skills and proper hand pushing and sliding techniques are essential in this course along with the understanding of the history behind the Neapolitan craft.


(Length of the courses will be 5 Days)

All candidates for professional courses MUST be interviewed via telephone
(Course dates are subject to change due to Tony’s work and travel schedules)

Important ingredients and steps used during course:

  • Flour – Tipo “00” (type 00) Caputo
  • Tomatoes – San Marzano DOP tomatoes grown in only one place on earth –
    the rich volcanic soil in the shadow of Mt. Vesuvius. They are picked at their
    peak ripeness and contain a lower acid level and a natural sweetness.
  • Cheese – only fresh mozzarella, whole milk “fior di latte” is permitted.
    Or Mozzarella Di Bufala.
  • Herbs – fresh herbs, garlic, and sea salt are key in the making of Neapolitan pizzas.
    Fresh basil is a required ingredient of the a Pizza Margherita and Margherita Extra.
    All natural ingredients used.
  • High Heat Neapolitan Wood Fired ovens at 900 degrees
  • Yeast – only natural, fresh yeast is permitted.
  • Hand stretch only and hand made dough or fork and claw mixers that do not heat up dough as mixed.

Also Included

  • Hand Pulled Mozzarella
  • House Made Sausage
  • Pasta: Students will observe how fresh pasta is made


Italian Style PizzaClassic Italian

Take a 5 day course and get certified in Classic Italian Pizza. Students work hands on throughout the course and really dissect the fundamentals of dough, pizza in theory, wood fired and electric oven skills, and sauce recipes. Students will make different styles of dough, from poolish, to biga, and indirect and direct methods. We use Italian flours such as Molino Pasini, Tony’s Artisan 00, and 5 Stagioni with different strengths and other Italian products in the course. Students will study the composition of wheat in it’s entirety. The theory and practical portion of the course is from the Scuola Italiana Pizzaioli’s work book and has been translated into english with diagrams. Tony Gemignani will be the Master Instructor and the certifications come straight from Italy. Have fun and learn the art and authenticity of true Classic Italian Pizza.

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