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Tony Gemignani is the first Master Instructor in the United States and students have the opportunity to get certified in Classic Italian Pizza, Roman Style Pizza or Pizza in Teglia (Pan Pizza). The certifications come direct from Italy and the course will be available several times a year. Under the Scuola Itlaiana Pizzaoili ( Tony Gemignani also owns and operates the International School of Pizza and the United States School of Pizza which will offer special courses throughout the year in authentic Neapolitan Style pizza, New York, Chicago, California, Detroit, and New Haven Style Pizza. Special non-professional courses will also be available for home chefs. All of the courses follow the strict guidelines and theory of the Scuola Italiana Pizzaoli.

“The importance of our courses is to bring the history, quality, and authenticity of pizza making and for our students to understand the importance of our studies, ingredients, recipes and equipment used though out the course.” – Tony Gemignani

All students will work with the theory and practical side of pizza making and learn the dynamics of pizza in it’s entirety. All courses at the pizza school are hands on and students will be working together in groups through out each course. Each student will receive a school bag, a text book, our school t-shirt, a hat, and an apron.

Tony Gemignani is a 12-Time World Pizza Champion and president of the World Pizza Champions Inc the most winning pizza team in the world. Tony is the first competitor in history to win both acrobatic and baking titles in Italy’s Championships. Tony won the Neapolitan Championships at the 2007 World Pizza Cup in Naples, Italy for the Best STG Neapolitan Pizza Margherita. He is the only Two Time Food Network Gold Medalist and is a certified master from the Scuola Italiana Pizzaioli in Italy. He is the author of the cookbook Pizza and is inducted into the Guinness Book of World records. Tony has won more World titles and international awards than any competitor in history.

I would like to welcome you to my pizza school and I hope to share my knowledge and expertise with you. Thank you for taking the time to view the courses that we have available. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at any time. We would be more than happy to speak with you. See you in class! Ciao

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